tirsdag 15. september 2009

Stop Dogs Barking

Every dog owner wants to stop their dogs barking. It can be very annoying when you can’t stop your dogs from barking. If your dog seems to bark more or less constantly you need to find a solution to this barking. Otherwise your neighbors will start complaining, especially if you live in an apartment.

Why Dogs Bark and How To Prevent It

Dogs can of course bark for many different reasons. It may well depend on your breed, some dogs are of nature ment to alert you when they feel any danger near the house or feel any other suspicious events taking place.
Dogs can bark when they feel excited about something, it’s in the nature of all breeds to bark in certain times and situations. You as their owner have to understand this. When your dog wants to play they will give you some signal, mostly by barking in order to get your attention.

Some dogs bark constantly when they meet other dogs, especially smaller dogs when they meet bigger dogs. Believe me, I know!

Dogs can also bark when they feel bored and lonely because dogs are pack animals and can feel bored or lonely when left alone at home, so you need to learn the dog that it’s ok for you to leave the home and the dog to be alone for some time.
When dogs wants your attention because they are hungry or knows it’s time for food, or they needs the toilet, they will let you know by barking. Dogs bark when they want your attention. It’s possible for you to help your dog understand that your dog do not always have to be the center of your attention if you spend lesser time petting, or praising the dog. The best way is for you to save the praise and petting until your dog actually has done something right. For instance you can pet the dog's head when he listen and react to your command.
You should not react to your dogs barking. The dog must learn to understand that he must not always have attention and that he cannot get your attention simply by barking.

The dog barks all the time...at everyone....and at everything!

There are as you know a lot of reasons for dogs to start barking.

Your dog may bark as a warning that your home is to be broken into or to let you know of the approach of a stranger. Dog barking is besides used to get attention or to intimidate the owner or other people near the dog. Whatever the explanation for the barking is, we can all agree that it can be very irritating behavior, and solutions need to be found to stop dogs barking right away. Owners of constantly barking dogs are occasionally charged with unsettling the harmony and peace. Luckily, there are several ways to stop dogs from unwanted barking.

Training your dog when it is appropriate for him to bark is probably the most excellent way to stop unwanted dogs barking. Of course there are numerals of methods; the best way is perhaps the rewarding way.

Electronic collars give the dog a ultrasonic sound. Not all dogs associate their barking with this a little uncomfortable method. They will just understand to tolerate the shock and instead carry on with their barking. In addition, if the collar itself does not come into contact with the dog's skin, a dog with a sizeable coat will not feel anything. It should be mentioned that simply using an electronic collar for training will almost never stop dogs barking. For getting best results, dog obedience training is actually needed.

A number of folks are of the belief that electronic collars may possibly discourage dogs. People who think this often use citronella oil collars with a similar effect as ultrasonic blast collars. A citronella oil collar gives out a mist once the dog barks. As dogs have a tendency to not like the smell, they will start to associate their barking with the foul smell and will stop barking for a while. The success rate is about the same as for electronic collars.

Although electronic collars can be useful in training, most vets and dog trainers feel that they cannot be used as a replacement for the helpful obedience training you can do yourself. Dog obedience training helps to solve more dog behavior issues than merely dog barking alone.

I hope you now can see that good dog obedience training is very important to stop dogs barking and for many different and important dog behavior issues. A dog that is given obedience training will understand when the right times are to use barking.

Yelling for sure doesn’t help either to stop dogs barking!

Have you ever thought about why your dog seems to be barking more than other dogs? Well, you are not alone you see. Thousands of dog’s people all over the world experience the same as you and me. Many have tried everything they can think of and used every advice they get to stop dogs barking.
Maybe your dog is just responding to what you have trained the dog to do? Maybe your methods to stop dogs barking have actually given the dog more of a reason to continue barking?
The thing is, and you already know this, a dog thinks very different from us, and you need to be aware of this in order to learn how to stop dogs barking!

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